With the installation of your automatic filling machine or complete line, we include a standard training for your team. The objective of this training is for the operators to know how to handle and maintain the equipment daily.

We also offer specific and customized training to ensure and increase the efficiency and productivity of your equipment during production. This type of training programs can be both on-site and at our headquarters.

Your training benefits

Discover the benefits having a training plan with AICROV:


Extend and improve the efficiency of the equipment over the years and minimize equipment downtime.


Improve production performance and quality.

Lower costs

Significant return on investment and lower operating costs.


Improve the level of qualification of your team and ensure the training of new hires.

Training programs

All our training programs are given by qualified and certified trainers. The courses provide to the participants the necessary skills to operate effectively and safely in a practical manner. We also develop tailor-made programs to meet your specific needs: machine operation and settings, equipment maintenance, advanced technical training.

Maintenance and Operational Start-up Training

A comprehensive course on how preventive maintenance can achieve high productivity and reduced downtime including:

  • Maintenance tasks.
  • Production pre maintenance.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Filler machine preventive maintenance.
  • Forwarding conveyors preventive maintenance. (only for liquid filling machines with conveyors line)
  • Roller conveyor preventive maintenance. (only for liquid filling machines with roller conveyors line)
  • Chain conveyor preventive maintenance. (only for liquid filling machines with chain conveyors line)
  • Scale conveyor preventive maintenance. (only for liquid filling machines with scale conveyor)
  • Dispensers and/or nozzles preventive maintenance.
  • Tools preventive maintenance

Operational Start-up Training

With the operational start-up training, you will discover how to obtain the maximum efficiency of the equipment during production.


  • Starting procedure.
  • Configure filling.
  • Changing Lance Process.
  • Flushing.
  • Homing Lance. (only for robot filler)
  • Configure conveyor’s line. (only for liquid filling machines with conveyors line)
  • Maintenance Mode.
  • Alarm List.
  • Warning List.
  • Permission settings.
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