Do you plan to carry out a project for complete filling lines? We are your trusted partner.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the market, designing turnkey projects and the integration of complete production lines. In these projects our fully automatic filling machines fit in perfectly with all the labelling and packaging systems required.

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We offer comprehensive and complete solutions to fulfil your filling needs. For this reason, we customise end of production line design including when required:

  • Palletizers
  • De-palletizer
  • Labelling machines
  • Capping machines
  • Sealing machines
  • Wrapping machines
  • Stretching machines
  • Artificial vision

In addition to this, we can integrate any other device needed until the level of integration and control required by the client is achieved.

Turnkey projects features

We have deep experience to provide you full-service and optimize the entire project. Find out the main features of our turnkey projects.

Less effort

Spend less effort, time, and resources on the project, as you will not have to coordinate multiple suppliers.

Specialists team

Our engineering and technician team will face and solve any problem that may arise.

Lower financial risk

The amount of the investment is known in advance and allows to reduce the financial risk of unexpected project increases.


Our technical team expertise in different applications and projects guarantees the quality of the turnkey project for complete filling lines.

Execution time

The execution period is also fixed from the beginning which allows you to have better planification and control of the turnkey project.


All machines that integrate the turnkey project are designed not only to meet business needs but also environmental issues. We are committed to reduce energy consumption and waste in all our equipment and projects.

We have the best solution for your liquid filling system.

Turnkey projects benefits

Discover the benefits to get your project done with a reliable turnkey project specialist.

Cost reduction

The optimization of the whole process, results in an important cost reduction. You will save considerable time, energy, staff involved, effort, etc.

Less staff involved

A single interlocutor to address, which makes it easier for you to control the project.

Reduced maintenance

Management time related to maintenance is reduced as it is centralized in a single company.

Manufacturing and testing

All the systems that integrate the turnkey project are delivered, assembled and tested before delivery. In addition, our technicians will move to the client’s facilities to carry out the installation, commissioning, and training when necessary.

Aicrov Robot

We have the best solution for your liquid filling system.

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