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Chemical product for a water treatment plant

Industry: Water treatment
Machines used: SP2 and LSG
Containers: Jerrycans, Drums, IBC
Functions: Filling, capping, roller conveyors, manual jerrycans handling equipment.

Products: Chemical products for water treatment
Certifications: NA
Production rates: 120 canister, 18 IBC & 35 drums / h

Tashia is a manufacturer and packager of chemical products for water treatment. Tashia is innovating and evolving to provide immediate solutions, therefore driven by the search for greater efficiency, they incorporated a new chemical product packaging plant, which allowed them to improve the process from start to finish, and thus offer a high-quality product to their customers.  They installed the new plant where an SP2 and LSG were placed. This new semi-automated packaging plant was equipped with the latest technologies and innovations.  

Canisters line, LSG system

water treatment plant jerrycans filling

LSG equipment was installed in this plant. This installation had entrance and exit free roller conveyors, the filler and a semi-automatic capping tool. At the end of the line, a jerrycans handling equipment was installed. 

AiCROV’s LSG systems are easily and seamlessly installed, due to which their entry into operation is immediate. 

Their main advantage is that they do not require installation and they stand out on account of their ease of use. The Plug & Fill systems are pre-configured, due to which clients will waste no time configuring the system. All they need to do is connect the equipment and start the filling process straight away 

SP2 Semiautomatic Filling Line

A semi-automatic SP2 was installed in this chemical plant for water treatment products. The line had roller conveyors for 3 pallets capacity at the entrance, the semi-automatic filler, and automatic roller conveyors for a capacity of 2 pallets at the exit. The line had semiautomatic uncapping and capping and sealingtools for both drums and IBCs. 

AiCROV’s SP2 systems are designed to guarantee maximum return on investment, as they offer the best cost-productivity ratio for medium-sized productions. 
They stand out due to being capable of controlling driven roller conveyor lines. 

The main advantage of the SP2 systems is that they combine the efficiency and operativeness of our filling systems and the most innovative conveyor technology, as container feeding, and evacuation is carried out automatically by means of roller or chain conveyors that have been specifically designed for the client’s activities. 
The SP2 systems allow for increased production control thanks to their touchscreen. 

drum filling

Today, the Tashia’s plant production capacity continues to focus on the most widely-used products for water treatment: biocides, flocculants, precursors, adjuvants, antiscalants, pH reducers, algaecides, etc.