Semi Automatic SP25 for chemicals

Industry: Chemicals 
Type: Turnkey project
Machines used: SP25
Containers: Drums and IBC

Products: Chemicals for water treatment 
Certifications: None
Production rates: 10 IBC / hour & 60 drums / hour
Functions: Automatic nozzle positioning and filling

A global leader in water and process management solutions, Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, works with customers across a wide range of industries to help meet their specific sustainability and business goals. Their solutions combine connected chemistry, digital innovation and extensive expertise to minimize water and climate impacts.  

AiCROV installed an SP25 in an automatic machine which the nozzle positioning was made by a joystick . 

SP25 for chemicals filling

SP25 is a solution for customers with aggressive, corrosive, or dangerous chemicals. SP25 allows to automatically position the nozzle, either by installing a camera or by an operator with a joystick. Both options are available. In both applications the SP25 detects the container bunghole, it records it, and after this, the equipment automatically places the nozzle by itself into the container bunghole. After this, the system starts the filling cycle.  

SP25 could better apply to chemical products, where those chemicals can be aggressive, corrosive or even dangerous, so operators must be away from the filling operation according to safety procedures. 

Chemicals is a product to take care of and AiCROV equipment’s can fill them according to the product data sheet and the company’s procedures. 


In this chemical company, we installed an SP25 equipment made in 304L. The machine is closed with a security perimeter fence which allows the operator to be away from the chemicals filling. The machine includes all safety devices, for instance, the SP25 stops if the door opens. The joystick and operator’s panel are placed in this fence, so the operator can control the machine from the outside. Fence material allows the operator to see everything that is happening inside and can control the chemicals filling cycle. The machine has a manual drum and IBC capping tools. After the filling, operator opens the door and closes the drums or the IBC manually. Another peculiarity is that the nozzle is made of titanium.

AiCROV is expertise in chemicals filling worldwide and each machine can be manufactured according to each company and their products, either chemicals, petrochemicals, or agrochemicals.