Aicrov Project Acid Lactic 02

Filling plant for acid lactic producer

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Type: Turnkey project
Machines used: Robot Filler, EL2-E, Robot palletizer
Containers: IBC, Plastic drum, 25 litter cannisters.
Products: Lactid Acid

Certifications: GMP level 4
Production rates: 200 canister, 18 IBC & 35 drums / h
Functions: Intralogistics, Uncapping, Unsealing, Filling, capping, sealing, Printing, labelling, palletizing, wrapping.

For this acid lactic producer we design, fabricate and install a complete filling plant composed by two filling lines using a common end of line.

Canisters line

We design a complete line to fill 25 litter aseptic canisters. The line is composed by a feeding table with a capacity of 30 canisters; a belt conveyor that move the empty canisters from the feeding table (out of the clean filling room) to the automatic liquid filler EL2-E equipped with 4 stations:

Aicrov Project Acid Lactic 10
  • 1st station: unsealing the canister. The machine take out canister seal and throw it away into a bin.
  • 2nd station: Gross filling. In this station the machine takes the real canister tare, memorize it and fills at hight speed 90% of canister volume.
  • 3rd station: Fine filling. In this station the machine, using the memorized tare weight for that canister fills the rest of volume to a low speed to ensure a hight accuracy in the final real weight.
  • 4th station: The machine screw the cap to a controlled torque into the canister.

A servocontrolled transferring system moves in each machine cycle the canisters from one station to next station.

After the filling and capping machine, while the canister is moved on the belt conveyor to the robot palletizer, a labelling machine prints the lot and filling data into a canister and apply it into the lateral of the canister.

Once the canister is unsealed, filled, capped and labelled, a Robot Palletizer takes the canisters in groups of two and places into the correct position of the pallet. When the pallet is ready, it is moved using roller conveyors to the wrapping machine where is wrapped laterally including a top cover plastic.

Aicrov Project Acid Lactic 16

Drums, IBC and Tote Line

We designed a complete line to fill automatically IBC, totes and drums. The line is fully automatic and no needs any operator working inside the clean filling room.

The line is composed by several roller conveyors and turn tables to move the pallets with the empty drums, IBC and TOTE from outside of the clean filling room to the robot weight scale.

Once on the scale, the Automatic Robot Filler takes a 3D picture of each container and looks for the X, Y, Z bunghole coordinates, including bunghole inclination angle (very important in plastic drums). The robot, automatically, container by container, uncap, fill, cap and seal. This is thanks to the different tools the robot have mounted in it: Uncapping / capping tool for 2” standard Tri-SureR plug, uncapping / capping tool for IBC / TOTE plug, immersion filling group and 2” plastic sealing tool.

When all containers of the pallet are filled, the pallet is moved to the wrapping station. During the movement, the containers are labelled with a real time printed labels with the real container data (tare weight, real net weight, product id, lot, etc).

Before the wrapping station both lines are unified to use same end of line.