The Robot Filler model is designed for high productions featuring a high level of automation. It also allows much flexibility in changing the type of container. It is suitable for filling canisters, pails, drums and IBC directly on pallets (from 20 to 1.500 liters containers).

The Robot Filler is an automate equipment for filling liquid and viscous products, integrated in an automatic conveying line. It can also include the automatic debunging, bunging and sealing of the containers.

The most automated filler in the market

Using the artificial 3D view provides full adaptability and flexibility,  reduction of unexpected stops and minimum spare part stock.

Those are the Robot Filler benefits:

  • Filling process directly in palletized containers.
  • The use of robots allows us to achieve high reliability and safety throughout the filling process.
  • Become a leading and innovative company with the most sophisticated robot fillers on the market.
  • Get the maximum level of automation and reliability in your production plant. 
  • Keep your operations team in a safe area performing high added value tasks while the robot filler is in operation.
  • Take care of your operations team, product, and environment.
  • Reduce your costs to adjust and maintain your machines.
  • Increase your productivity above all other filling machines available in the market.
  • Install it in any hazardous area and fill any type of liquid, viscous and foamy product.

We have the best solution for your liquid filling system.

The Smart Filling

In all our automatic liquid filling systems, the filling process is completely automatic and with a maximum efficiency guarantee. This is thanks to The Smart Filling concept, which allows us to carry out the filling process with the best accuracy and precision and in the least amount of time. 

The debunging, bunging and sealing processes in these types of equipment are also automatic depending on the type of container.

Automatic functions

  • Filling
  • Container movement
  • Alignment of the dosing lance and the bunghole

Optional functions

  • Automatic debunging, bunging and sealing
  • Automatic bunghole centring and searching
  • Automatic inertisation

Main features

Discover the main features of the Robot Filler:

  • Fully automatic and precise filling with automatic tare in each filling cycle. 
  • Quick and simple set up and configuration. 
  • Fully automatic filling quality control at the end of each filling cycle to ensure that the required tolerances are fulfilled. 
  • Automatic capping with torque control available. 
  • Modular and expandable configuration.
  • Possibility of manufacturing in stainless steel and with special surface treatments for aggressive products and environments. 
  • Version for foaming, flammable, explosive and / or corrosive products. 
  • Customer’s conveyor line tailor made designed. 
  • Easily integrable with other equipment such as labellers, palletizers…
  • Parts in contact with the product with food grade certified materials (optional).
  • Fully wired on delivery.

Available accessories

Our automatic liquid filling systems have a set of available accessories that we are sure will meet the most demanding production needs:

  • Passive gas hood with pneumatic anti-drip system: avoid the product dripping into the container and the accumulation of gases in the filling area.
  • Product hose support system: don’t worry about the weight of the hose. This accessory will hold the hose and helps to avoid that pressures the dispenser.
  • Electrostatic discharge control: to prevent electrical sparks when filling flammable or explosive products.
  • Filling recipes storage: keep your filling recipes and use them in a new filling cycle.
  • Overfill detection: the filling nozzle has a product detection system to prevent overfillings.
  • Nytrogen purge: create a nitrogen atmosphere inside the container to prevent electrical sparks or product oxidation.
Aicrov Robot

We have the best solution for your liquid filling system.

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