AiCROV was founded in 2006 by Albert Rovira, an electronic engineer with vast knowledge in automation, filling and packaging. Since our beginnings, we have specialized in the design and manufacture of liquid filling machines from 1 to 1.500 liters containers.

Each and every one of the projects where we are involved carry our motto:

We place our clients first and never compromise safety in favour of productivity.

Reliable Productivity and Safety responds to AiCROV’s business model and the introduction of the innovative concept of Smart Filling, which incorporates the latest technologies available in the market to each and every one of its projects in order to offer a technological proposal that is unique to each client. The use of state-of-the-art software and the most advanced manufacturing means allow for the possibility of delivering the most innovative designs on the market while achieving maximum productivity in absolute safety.

AiCROV is the most innovative and dynamic company in the design, manufacturing, maintenance and optimization of liquid filling machines with more than 15 years manufacturing semiautomatic and automatic machinery and more than 20 years’ experience in automation, filling and packaging.

What make us different?

All our services are focused on satisfying the needs of our clients over time. And we know that the key is to offer support based on trust and cooperation. Our responsiveness, personalized service and a proactive attitude make us your trusted partner in multi-brand liquid filling machines and industrial machinery.

Smart Filling

Carry out the filling process with the maximum accuracy and precision and with the minimum waste of time or product, so that you can achieve the highest level of productivity.

Safety & Productivity

You are committed to the safety of your employees and so we are. We always guarantee maximum filling process safety and never compromise safety in favour of productivity.

Adaptability & Cost Efficiency

Because we know that your production needs are not always the same, any of our projects are equal. Our design and manufacturing processes are flexible, and we adapt each project to your needs.

Excellence in Service

Avoid unwanted stops of the production process trusting the know-how and experience of our engineers. We guarantee maximum performance of the machine.

We have the best solution for your liquid filling system.

Our references

Our machines are placed worldwide. Some of our customers already trust our filling machines.

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