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Semi-Automatic SP1 for corrosive products

Industry: Chemistry
Machines used: SP1
Containers: Drums, IBC
Functions: Filling

Products: Fluor Derivates, corrosive products
Certifications: None
Production rates: 18 IBC / hour; 55 drums / hour 

Semi-automatic SP1 for drum and IBC filling was installed in customer placed in Italy. This customer is one of Europe’s largest producers of hydrofluoric acid and fluor derivatives.

Production capacity and plant safety make the customer the leading European industry in the field of fluorine uses. 

The most extensive use open to fluorine processing is certainly the combinations it can give with compounds. Hydrofluoric acid is undoubtedly one of the most important: in addition to its use in the traditional chemical industry and laboratories, it is mainly used in the electronics, semiconductor, and solar energy industries for surface treatment.

Drum and IBC filling system

AiCROV installed a semi-automatic machine for filling drums and IBC’s. The peculiarity of this machine is the adapted gas hood. We designed a special gas hood for this customer. The product produces corrosive gasses, and for this reason we design a special has hood to be able to evacuate gasses in a safety manner.

AiCROV team developed an exceptional tool that addresses a critical challenge faced by industries dealing with corrosive gases. AiCROV’s solution was designed to effectively mitigate the harmful effects of these gases, marking a significant leap forward in workplace safety and productivity. 

Our special Gas Hood is a tool meticulously engineered to tackle the corrosive gas issue head-on. Our tool offers a comprehensive approach to safeguarding customer’s operations and infrastructure from the detrimental impact of corrosive gases.

By minimizing corrosion-related risks and maximizing operational efficiency, our solution will elevate workplace safety standards, reduce downtime, and ultimately contribute to the overall success of your business.