Ardeca Drum And Ibc Lubricant Oil Filling Line Pallet Filling 9

New Drum and IBC filling line for Ardeca Lubricants, Belgium

Industry: Petrochemical, Lubricant Oil
Type: Turnkey project
Machines used: SP2
Containers: 1000 lts IBC, 60 lts, 120 lts & 220 lts metal drum.
Products: Different lubricant oils and greases.

Certifications: CE, OIML.
Production rates: 60 drums (200 lts) per hour and 15 I
Functions: Pallet Intralogistics, Manual Uncapping, Filling, manual capping, manual sealing.

For this very high-quality Belgium lubricants producer we designed, manufactured, and installed a complete filling line based on our semiautomatic filler SP2 machine. The high accuracy of the SP2 AiCROV’s filler is ideal for this very high-quality product that is handled by the machine in the best way possible.

SP2 Semiautomatic Filling Line

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This line has automatic roller conveyors for two pallets capacity at the entrance, the semiautomatic SP2 filler machine, and 2 automatic roller conveyors for a capacity of 2 pallets at the exit.

The line had semiautomatic capping, uncapping and sealing tools for both drums and IBCs.

Additionally, we prepared an industrial teleservice system installed in the electrical cabinet of the machine. Using a 3G, wired or non-wired internet connection, allows the machine to be connected to Aicrov technicians to give service over the machine. This accessory can also be used to send filling data to a remote server to use it as a DDBB center, using AICROV DB 4.0 system.

AiCROV’s SP2 systems are designed to guarantee maximum return on investment, as they offer the best cost-productivity ratio for medium-sized productions.
They stand out due to being capable of controlling driven roller conveyor lines.

The main advantage of the SP2 systems is that they combine the efficiency and operativeness of our filling systems and the most innovative conveyor technology, as container feeding, and evacuation is carried out automatically by means of roller or chain conveyors that have been specifically designed for the client’s activities.
The SP2 systems allow for increased production control thanks to their touchscreen.

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