Liquid filling machines

More than 15 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, maintenance, and optimization of Liquid Filling Machines.

Our liquid filling machines guarantee the maximum productivity of the processes, prioritizing the safety of employees and offering post-sales technical support with great added value.

Through the years, we have introduced the innovative Smart Filling concept. This concept which incorporates the latest technologies available allows for achieving high levels of productivity with great accuracy and precision. This function allows us to adapt to different types of products (chemical, petrochemical, agrochemical, food…), containers, and environments. 

We are specialized in creating liquid filling systems for containers from 1 to 1,500 litres. Discover our range of Liquid Fillers. We can offer you basic to fully automated filling systems. 

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Semiautomatic liquid filling systems

With our semiautomatic liquid filling system, you can start production immediately.  You can fill any kind of liquid or viscous product in containers from 1 to 1.500 litres.

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Automatic liquid filling machines

Our completely automatic liquid filling machines guarantee maximum productivity in fully automated systems that may be integrated into production lines.

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Robot filler

Get the maximum level of automation and reliability in your production plant with our robotic filling machine. Unique in the market.

Turn-key projects

Your trusted partner for complete filling lines. Do you need a custom project? We take responsibility for the entire outcome of the project, from the initial phase to installation and commissioning.

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We supply complete and tailor-made intralogistics solutions for storing, moving, and filling liquid or viscous products.

We have the best solution for your liquid filling system.

The AICROVfill® function

Allows for adjusting the filling mode according to the product and environment.

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Below surface filling mode

Suitable for products that are foaming, flammable, explosive, etc. 

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Under bunghole filling mode

Suitable for filling products that are non-foaming, non-flammable, non-explosive, or presenting high density or viscosity. 

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Over bunghole filling mode

Suitable for filling highly viscous, non-foaming products, such as greases, paint, etc., containers lacking a bunghole.

Aicrov Certifications

Designed to guarantee maximum safety

We have all the necessary quality and safety certificates to always guarantee maximum safety in the filling process.

No liquid is impossible, be it highly viscous, sticky, flammable, foamy, or even explosive. Our filling systems adapt to the most stringent conditions and offer safe operating environments for employees.

We design liquid filling machines for use in potentially explosive atmospheres that strictly comply with EU legislation (ATEX Directive 2014/34/UE).

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We have the best solution for your liquid filling system.