Semi Automatic filling system for Total Belgium

Industry: Petrochemical
Machines used: SP1 + LSG
Containers: Jerrycans, Drums, IBC
Functions: Filling, capping, cleaning and site connection.

Products: Petrochemical products
Certifications: None
Production rates: 20 canisters / hour; 18 IBC / hour; 35 drums / hour 

Two semi-automatic machines were installed in Total Belgium. In this petrochemical company it was installed two semi-automatic machines, one for small canisters, our LSG system, and a machine for drum and IBC filling, our SP1 system. 

Drum and IBC filling system

SP1 system from our Plug & Fill series are easily and seamlessly installed, due to their entry into operation is immediate. In this project, this SP1 was adapted to customer necessities, and some accessories were included.  

The machine had 2 scales which is a perfect system to increase production when filling IBCs. The operator may be removing a filled IBC and placing another IBC on one scale while the machine is filling on the second scale. In this case, we also added a light signal to indicate the platform which was in use.  

In order to facilitate the operation, it had different accessories: 

  • a 12” HMI screen,  
  • flushing system which consists in a funnel on which the nozzle is placed. By means of a wringing program, it descends to a known position and opens. The program ends when the established time for draining has expired,  
  • capping and uncapping tool, 
  • grounding system,  
  • electrical cabinet was adapted and it was movable, in order to help operators to load and unload pallets. 

Canister filling system

We also installed LSG system which is our semi-automatic machine for canister filling. As well as the SP1 system, customer added different accessories. Some of these accessories are: 

  • infeed and outfeed conveyor, which were adapted as per customer layout, 
  • capping and uncapping tool, 
  • flushing, 
  • a 12” HMI screen. 

Both machines were ready to be connected to customer’s system, so customer would be able to have all data in the plant system. P

Drum filling machine SP1 and canister filling machine LSG is a combination where customers are able to cover all ranges of containers formats and the allow the desired adaptability. All accessories made the filler safer to fill petrochemicals according to customer’s quality standards and procedures.