AICROV offers a wide range of semiautomatic and fully automatic filling machines able to full your petrochemical and lubricant products. With AiCROV equipment’s, our customers will be able to improve productiveness and safety. Our team will assist our customers for accomplishing expectations and process requirements to be able to obtain the expected quality for filling your oil products.

At AICROV, you will find the most suitable petrochemical and lubricant liquid filling machine. With our equipment we can offer a greater range of services 100% adapted to your processes and needs of customers requirements.

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of semiautomatic, automatic and robotic liquid filling machines. In addition, we are also specialized in turnkey projects and intralogistics. And like your company, we are totally oriented towards optimizing the performance and productivity of your business.

Semiautomatic liquid filling machines

Petrochemical and lubricant liquid filling machines with an excellent value for money. Simple and intuitive setup. Available in ATEX version. Optional accessories. 

Automatic liquid filling systems

With the automatic petrochemical and lubricant liquid filling machines, you get the maximum automation and filling control. This equipment fill any type of liquid or viscous products from 1 to 250 litres canisters, pails and drums. They can all be designed in ATEX standards.

Robot filler

Fully automated machine for weighted and production line filling of canisters, pails, drums and IBC on pallets.

120 – 250 L

drum ibc

Aicrov Robot

We have the best solution for your liquid filling system.

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