automatic drum filling

Fully Automatic Drum Filling Line

Industry: Petrochemical
Type: Turnkey project
Machines used: EL2-B
Containers: Drums

Products: Oil

Certifications: None
Production rates: 130 drums per hour
Functions: Conveyors, uncapping, filling, capping, palletzer, wrapping and strapping.


This fully automatic drum filling line was installed in one of the world’s largest international vertically integrated oil and gas companies with businesses located in over 30 countries worldwide.

This line was installed in Tyumen, Russia. Our customer has been one of the world’s leading companies for crude oil and gas production and their refinement into petroleum products and petrochemicals.  

Automatic Drum Filling Line EL2-B

AiCROV installed a fully automatic drum filling line in this oil manufacturer. The line was made up of different equipment:

AiCROV automatic drum filling machine EL2-B. This filling machine had a  motorized ramp to facilitate the entry of drums followed by a roller conveyors which automatically introduce the drums into the different machine stations. Automatic drum filling EL2-B is composed of different stations. In this case, the first station is the centering and uncapping station. In this station, the machine detects where the bunghole is placed, and it uncaps the drums. After this station, we had 2 filling stations followed by the capping and sealing stations.

Palletizer. AiCROV manufactured a drum palletizer after the automatic drum filling machine. The system places the drums two by two on the pallet.

Conveyor line. All the line after the automatic drum filling system is connected through roller conveyors.

Wrapping and strapping machines were installed at the end of the line. AiCROV has third company partners who manufacture these equipments and AiCORV integrates these systems into the automatic drum filling line, so customer gets a complete turnkey project.

automatic drum filling

Maximum automation and filling control AiCROV’s Advanced systems guarantee maximum productivity in fully automated systems that may be integrated into production lines.

Automatic drum filling systems allow a fully automated filling system, which leads to total production control. These systems allow for integrating full-filling lines, thanks to which we are able to offer a single solution for the entire process. These automatic drum filling machines may be equipped with multiple workstations. The model is designed for high-filling productions featuring a high level of automation. These automatic drum filling lines can be equipped with other types of equipment and accessories, so AiCROV can handle the complete turnkey project to our customers.