IBC filling

SP2 Semi Automatic IBC Filling Line  

Industry: Chemicals for water treatment 
Type: Turnkey project
Machines used: SP2
Containers: IBC

Products: Chemical products for water treatment 
Certifications: None
Production rates: 10 IBC / hour 
Functions: Pallet accumulation, filling, capping 

Helsingborg (Sweden) Kemira installed a complete SP2 semi-automatic line for IBC filling.  

Kemira is a global leader in sustainable chemical solutions for water-intensive industries. Kemira focus on pulp and paper, oil and gas, mining and water treatment to best improve customers’ water, energy and raw material efficiency.  

Kemira Kemi AB provides expertise and tailored combinations of chemicals for water-intensive industries.   

Drum and IBC filling system

Kemira installed the AiCROV SP2 IBC filling line. The main advantage of the SP2 IBC filling system is that it combines the efficiency and operativeness of our filling systems and the most innovative conveyor technology, as container feeding, and evacuation is carried out automatically by means of roller or chain conveyors that have been specifically designed for the client’s activities.  
The SP2 IBC filling systems allow for increased production control thanks to their touchscreen.  

This semi-automatic line starts with an accumulation infeed roller conveyor with a capacity of 8 pallets. The infeed accumulation finishes with a roller-to-chain interchanger with the capacity of 2 pallets. This interchange is a 90º roller change interchanger with the capacity of 2 pallets. The interchange is done by pneumatic actuators to raise the chains and allow the chain conveyor to take the pallet. After this conveyor line, there is our semi-automatic SP2 IBC filling machine.  After it, we have another roller-to-chain interchanger with a capacity of 2 pallets followed by a roller conveyor of 8 pallets. So, the line can accumulate 10 pallets before and 9 IBC after the filling.  

The machine was made with painted steel due to the characteristics of the product. This line was also customized and had different accessories as the gas hood extractor with an automatic anti-drip system, the operator´s platform with fibre tramex, conveyor protection against forklifts and a remote connection system to the equipment.   

IBC filling

We developed a special software package which was the communication between the IBC filling machine with the main system to control the valves of different components. The AiCROV PLC was connected to the main plant PLC with a multicable, and it sent different signals to the main plant PLC. The system opens and closes the different valves during the cycle depending on the mixture configured on the operator’s panel. The customer has different recipes/products with some combinations. Each recipe/product includes the set points for each component in case more than 1 component must be filled on the same IBC. In addition, to the previous recipes, the operator has a second recipe for each product for the flushing/blowing procedure on the last IBC filling. This recipe includes the blowing time and also the maximum capacity of the IBC to avoid an overflow.