Semi Automatic filling system for jerrycans filling

Industry: Food
Machines used: 2xLSG
Containers: Jerrycans
Functions: Filling, capping

Products: Alcoholic products
Certifications: ATEX
Production rates: 140 jerrycans / hour

AiCROV installed a semi-automatic machine for jerrycans filling in UK. Our customer is a distillery who fills its alcoholic products into jerrycans.

Jerrycans filling system

The installation of our semi-automatic filling machine for jerrycans at a leading distillery in the UK highlights the numerous advantages of this versatile solution. From enhanced flexibility and precision to cost savings and improved safety, the semi-automatic machine is designed to meet the diverse needs of distilleries. This project exemplifies our dedication to delivering tailored, efficient, and reliable solutions that drive success for our clients.

AiCROV adapts each project to each customer. In this case, this jerrycans filling system had different peculiarities. In this project, there were installed 2 LSG jerrycans filling systems. Both machines were joined by a free roller conveyor. The main advantage of this system was that one operator could deal with both machines at the same time, so production could be almost doubled. In addition, cross contamination was avoided, since customer could fill totally separately products. Other peculiarities of this project are listed below:

Advantages of Installing a Semi-Automatic Filling Machine for Jerrycans

1. Enhanced Flexibility The semi-automatic filling machine offers remarkable flexibility, allowing operators to easily adjust settings for different sizes and types of jerrycans. This adaptability is crucial for distilleries that need to manage a variety of products and container sizes, ensuring smooth transitions and efficient operations.

2. Precision and Consistency Our semi-automatic machine ensures that each jerrycan is filled with precise and consistent amounts of liquid. This precision minimizes product wastage 

3. User-Friendly Interface Designed with ease of use in mind, the semi-automatic jerrycans filling machine features an intuitive interface that operators can quickly learn and master. This user-friendliness reduces training time and helps maintain a high level of productivity, even when switching between different jerrycan sizes and product types.

4. Improved Safety The semi-automatic jerrycans filling machine is equipped with various safety features to protect operators during use. These include emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and overload protection, all designed to create a safer working environment and reduce the risk of accidents.

5. Versatility in Product Handling Our semi-automatic jerrycans filling machine is capable of handling a wide range of liquids and jerrycans, making it ideal for distilleries that produce multiple types of beverages. This versatility ensures that all products can be efficiently filled into jerrycans using the same machine, streamlining the production process.

6. Easy Maintenance and Durability Built with high-quality components, the semi-automatic jerrycans filling machine is designed for long-term durability and reliability. Its straightforward design facilitates easy maintenance, allowing operators to perform routine checks and maintenance tasks without extensive downtime, ensuring continuous operation and reducing maintenance costs.