EL2-E and Robot Palletizer  for filling adhesives

Industry: Chemistry and adhesive solutions
Type: Turnkey project
Machines used: EL2-E + Palletizer
Containers: 30L drums
Functions: Filling, uncapping, capping, sealing, labelling and palletizing

Products: Amino based resins, polyurethanes, emulsion polymers, hot melt, additives to the coating industry, foundry resins, insulations resins and other related products.
Certifications: None
Production rates: 120 drums / hour

We installed a turnkey project in Dynea. Dynea has developed a wide range of high-performance adhesive solutions. Dynea is a specialist manufacturer of wood adhesives. Dynea is placed in Norway and they develop a range of chemistries like amino based resins, polyurethanes, emulsion polymers and hot melt. Also, Dynea supplies additives to the coating industry, foundry resins, insulations resins and other related products. 

Dynea is a leader in the European wood adhesive market. Customer is in continuous innovation and improvement.

Customer installed a turnkey project based on a EL2-E and a Robot palletizer. 

Automatic Filling Machine EL2-E & Robot Palletizer

We installed AiCROV’s fully automatic machine EL2-E for fill 30 litres drums for adhesives.  

In this case, the machine has an infeed conveyor which places the drums into the filling machine EL2-E. Once drums enter the filler, we can find different workstations.  

The first station is the container centering station, this station is for customers who fill circular containers with non-centered bungholes. 

The second one is the container uncapping station. It was installed because 30L drums were arriving at the machine with the cap. The machine had to consider the handle, which was adjusted to avoid it from getting stuck. Once caps are removed, they are placed on an internal belt which moves the cap until de capping workstation. 

The third station is the filling nozzle. In this case, the customer filled adhesives, so nozzle was made in AISI 316L and PTFE joints. 

The last station is the capping and sealing stations. In this station, the tool is ready with the cap which has been picked up from the belt. After checking the position, the machine caps and seals the drums filled with adhesive products. 

After last station a labeller was installed. 

EL2-E was designed to operate on a production line or autonomously. EL2-E is a fully automated system for weighted and production line filling of 1 to 60-litre round or rectangular-based metallic or plastic cans, barrels and drums. The machines may be equipped with multiple workstations. The models are designed for high filling productions featuring a high level of automation.

After the EL2-E drums are driven to the palletizer area. Through a motorized roller conveyor, the drums already filled with adhesive were taken 2 by two by the Robot.  

The pelletizer robot had 2 phases. First, it takes the pallet from the pallet stack and places it on the pallet roller conveyor. After this action, the robot changes the tool through a movement, and starts palletizing by taking the drums two by two and placing them into the empty pallet. The robot places 2 lines on the pallet. 

Robots is installed according to all manufacturing and safety standards, so everything is protected by safety fences. 

Once pallet is completely palletized, a motorized roller conveyor drives the pallet in the evacuation area.