Fertilizer Fully Automatic Machine EL2-E

Industry: Agrochemicals
Machines used: EL2-E
Containers: Canisters
Functions: Filling and capping

Products: Fertilizers
Certifications: None
Production rates: 20 canisters

We installed a fully automatic machine to a fertilizer manufacturer in Australia. They are a global leader in the development and manufacture of speciality fertilizers and biostimulants including Humates, Fulvates and Kelp products. In addition to fertilizers, their full range of Trace Elements, Biostimulants and Plant Health products are used globally to improve crop health, yields and improve soil health in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

Automatic canister filling machine EL2-E

We installed AiCROV’s fully automatic machine EL2-E for fill 20 litres drums for filling fertilizer. 

In this case, the machine has an infeed conveyor of 6 meters which allows the machine to have a big buffer. When canisters enter the filler, we can find different workstations.  

The first stations are the filling area, we have 2 nozzles to fill the fertilizer. After this, the second station is the capping one. The machine has a cap feeder and the machine automatically caps the canister.

After last station a labeller was installed. 

EL2-E was designed to operate on a production line or autonomously. EL2-E is a fully automated system for weighted and production line filling of 1 to 60-litre jerrycans. The machines may be equipped with multiple workstations. The models are designed for high filling productions featuring a high level of automation.

Advantages of Installing a Fully Automatic Filling Machine:

1. Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: The installation of the fully automatic filling machine has significantly increased the production capacity of our Australian client. The machine operates continuously with minimal supervision, allowing for a consistent and high-volume output. This efficiency reduces downtime and ensures that the production meets demand without unnecessary delays.

2. Precision and Consistency: One of the key advantages of automatic filling machines : is their precision. The machine is designed to fill each canister with an exact amount of fertilizer, ensuring uniformity across all products. This precision minimizes waste and ensures that customers receive a consistent product every time.

3. Cost-Effective Operations: By automating the filling process, our client has seen a reduction in labor costs. The need for manual intervention is drastically reduced, allowing staff to focus on other critical areas of production. Additionally, the accuracy of the machine reduces material wastage, leading to significant cost savings over time.

4. Improved Safety: The automatic filling machine enhances workplace safety by reducing the need for manual handling of potentially hazardous materials. The automated system minimizes the risk of spills and exposure, ensuring a safer working environment for employees.

5. Scalability: As the demand for fertilizers grows, the fully automatic filling machine provides the scalability required to meet increased production needs. The system can easily be adjusted to handle larger volumes without compromising on speed or accuracy, making it a future-proof investment for our client.

The installation of a fully automatic filling machine for our Australian fertilizer client demonstrates our expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to specific industry needs. The numerous advantages, from increased efficiency and cost savings to enhanced safety and environmental benefits, underscore the value of automation in modern production facilities. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals through innovative technology and exceptional service.